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Pink and Salty


Managing Director

Hey there! I'm Jordyn, the person behind Vision X since its inception in 2018. From day one, my mission has been clear: to nurture growth and empower people within the company. I've dedicated myself to developing individuals, ensuring they find their perfect fit within our team.

Through hard work and determination, we've integrated two franchises into Vision X, expanding our horizons. Now, with our latest venture in the UK, we're reaching even greater heights.

But hey, it's not all serious business with me! I bring a fun, high-energy vibe to the table. Laughter is a big part of who I am, as long as the work gets done, of course!

Join me in the excitement at Vision X, where we blend productivity with good times. Let's make our journey one to remember!

Look forward to seeing your face.




Incorporated Partner - Chamberlain Marketing

I’ve been in this company since I was 19 & now I work with some of my best friends everyday. I am so proud of the determination I’ve had to make it to management. 
I have learnt an incredibly vast range of skills doing this job. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to manage a company as a 23 year old woman. I love seeing women running businesses and I appreciate that I’m a part of such a progressive company. Fundraising for charities has been such a highlight of my life and I’ve made some incredible memories that I’ll hold on to forever.


Customer Service Manager

As a young Irish man coming to Australia, I was very blessed to be given the opportunity to work with some young, fun and driven aussies.
With now 6 years of sales experience, I have progressed so much since I first started. I have learnt that I can do absolutely anything I want to do, if I have a strong reason why. 
I was motivated to stay in the country, so I got promoted and got sponsored to stay here. What an incredible opportunity!
I am very passionate about the charities we get to work with everyday, this job is very fulfilling on all levels.



Admin & Recruitment Coordinator - Melbourne

Greetings from a Chester lass who decided to turn life upside down with a working holiday in September 2022. I’m Emily, and after uni, where I dove into the world of economics, I thought, "Why not spice things up a bit?"

Lucky for me, I found a gig in Melbourne that actually syncs with my studies. I'm on a mission to blend economics with making a positive impact, thanks to working with non-profits. Changing the world while paying the bills? 

Quick tip for anyone landing an interview with me: Want to impress me straight away? Let's have a heart-to-heart about the amazingness that is Tottenham F.C. Drop a line about the Spurs, and you're on your way to a golden ticket for a second interview. It's my little litmus test, and trust me, it works like a charm! ⚡

Excited to potentially connect during an interview and make our work lives a tad more thrilling!



Incorporated Partner - Mamba Direct

I have been in the industry since 2015, I initially started in direct sales as a casual part-timer. As one of the longest standing members of Vision X Promotions I have witnessed first hand how far the business has grown, developed and strengthened
over the years. I started just as a sales rep but with hard work and dedication I've climbed up the ranks to Executive Manager. Currently managing the Vision X Brisbane office.The skills you learn here in direct sales are transferable to any industry and all aspects of your life, with great culture and amazing support the opportunity for growth with Vision X Promotions is uncapped. Given the opportunity

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